For nearly 2 decades, "Push" the radio-controlled talking trash can has been entertaining guests, instigating marriages, making kids smile, and singing happy birthday. He's a charming little robot that has talked his way into the hearts of millions over the past 19 years as they would pass through his native habitats of Tomorrowland inside the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World Orlando as well as and other various Disney properties across the globe.

Although, with little to no warning, Disney announced that they were retiring Push this week after nearly 19 years of service in their parks leaving many scratching their heads and most likely Push's handlers out of the job. Think I'm kidding? Just a few days ago fans created a facebook fanpage begging to save Push the trash can hoping to get the attention of Disney management. The page already has nearly 10k likes (9,882 as of today):

CBS news report about PUSH:…

There was actually an effort by fans to get Push named the "Mayor of Tomorrowland" a few years back. People are really sad to see him go. Help save the charming little trash can! Like his facebook page and tweet using "#savePUSH"