A couple of months ago, a buddy, Zan, had me photograph one of the most epic limos I've ever seen because he was putting it up for sale. It was a restored and very custom 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham limo. It rode on 24" 180 spoke Daytons and air suspension. Other crazy features like a Rolls Royce grille, a chiller for 6 champagne bottles, black mink tail and Swarovski key and keychain, and a new 290HP GM crate motor. A lot of crazy detail went into this thing.

"The background is that this really started out because I wanted to have a fun car to go out on the town with my friends. As I researched everything I really became fascinated with the Donk culture and how these guys were radically changing the geometry and foundations of these vehicles—it's not an easy thing to do and it takes a lot to get it right. There aren't many donk limos out there so this made the challenge especially difficult when you consider the weight being moved around. And, then, like many car projects, it grew and grew in features (and of course budget!). There weren't any corners that were cut and that's the primary reason why it took me three years to complete the build. Every aspect of this vehicle was heavily researched, tested and developed to be the best; from the oversized brakes and wheels to the custom interior including six bottle champagne chiller we built.

I've really enjoyed working with my team of partners including CMX who just does incredible work. In order to see through an extensive project like this you really have to love the concept and the vehicle and that is certain on my part. My fondest memory of the build is when we started taking the car to the road for testing and watching the reactions of drivers who nearly broke their necks and ran off the road trying to take it in. Going to fill up the tank at a gas station can almost turn into a mob scene of admirers just staring at the car. I'm sure that this thing will get huge reactions when someone pulls up to a club for the evening.

It's important that I find a good home for the car where someone will take good care of it but also get it out on the streets and enjoy it." - Zan (the Limo's owner and creator)

The Limo is currently on sale for $299,000. What do you think of this Donk Limo? Does it live up to its price tag? I'm not a limo expert, but there's no question, this thing is one of a kind and I think it's a lot cooler than having a modern Cadillac limo. You can read all about the donk limo here.



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