I was one of the first to shoot Carbon's original advertising and marketing photography back in early 2009. Carbon had an exciting concept that provided a purpose-built vehicle that was efficient, safer, and a more advanced crime fighter than anything else being offered at the time.

The car was new, fresh, and different offering innovations developed with the help of veteran police officers. It created a lot of excitement to members of law enforcement as well as the general public. You could catch the E7 in the videogame Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.

I had a great opportunity to make friends with the Carbon Motors team and got regular updates from them over the last 4 years. It was even exciting to hear that they planned manufacturing the car in the US, creating thousands of jobs.


Carbon hoped to create a vehicle that protected our officers, saved our states millions of dollars in gas, and better find/catch/transport criminals.

I hope the concept behind Carbon lives to fight another day and that the shuttering of their factory and offices is nearly a setback... A guy can hope, right?

Here are a couple of videos I took photographing the original Carbon E7 prototype and visiting Capitol Hill in my hometown of Washington DC with the heads of Carbon Motors. (Forgive the filming quality, this was years before I figured out how to properly hold a video camera):


My original blog post about photographing the Carbon Motors E7 one-off prototype back in 2009: CLICK HERE