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As an occassional content contributor, I have the pleasure of hanging out with the Jalopnik team when I am in the city or when we work on projects together. What a hilarious and warm group of folks that just love everything car culture. The kind of guys you'd want to chat with over a beer or two.


Tonight was my first opportunity to attend a Jalopnik meetup where readers of the site could meet the writers/editors/hosts. I'll be honest, knowing the internet I didn't know quite what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be a packed room full of car loving geeks obsessed about discussing everything car culture... people like myself.

I met an original 1979 Cannonball Run contestant who told the story of crashing his Lotus Esprit, abandoning his car, and limping his way to the finish line to enjoy a week long party with the other contestants. Also met some pretty cool custom car builders and members of the NY Classic Car Club, and the infamous Alex Roy was even giving rides to fans/readers in his wacky Morgan 3-wheeled car, which was awesome of him to do. I'm really glad I went. What other site can you go to a casual meetup and meet unique folks like this in one place?


I'm proud of how far Jalopnik has come and am excited about where it will go with the new redesign, which will now give a great chance for readers to have their voice to be heard on the site.

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