I'm a big movie geek in addition to being a huge gear head. For years, I have even had an ongoing photo series (I'm a professional photographer) capturing TV and movie cars called the Unicorn Project (see examples below). So it would only be fitting that I would have some sort of awesome movie car on my desk. This is when I learned about Dave over at his site www.FlashRods.com

I approached Dave to build me a one-of-a-kind movie car hard drive. You see, his business Flash Rods creates custom built hard drives out of 1:18 scale cars and flash drives out of what look like matchbox cars. I actually first learned about him when I read about his Back To The Future Delorean hard drive on Gizmodo awhile back. I thought it was the coolest functional desk accessory I have ever seen. Since then I've had Flash Rods create custom car drives for my creative directors as thank you when delivering project files after an ad campaign shoot. For example, I did a campaign for the BMW and their Performance Center and I delivered my final image files to my creative director in an M5 hard drive that Dave made. Client was really pumped and tweeted about it.


Anyway, after awhile I decided that I wanted something special to commemorate my love for movie and tv cars. I suggested a few that I was considering doing and Dave used his knowledge of model designs and the ability to put hard drives into them to suggest a few realistic options. He eventually pushed me to do a Mad Max Interceptor drive. As far as we know, one has never been created and the most detail model to use is out of production, but Dave was able to source one for me. It ended up taking him many hours to carefully and seamlessly integrate a 1TB drive into the car. He often hides the USB plug port in trunks or under the hoods or somewhere that it wouldn't be obvious.

I am really thrilled with how the drive came out. As a car lover that lives at my desk editing for many hours, it is something really special to behold. I had to do a post about this because I knew a lot of other movie car geeks like myself would go nuts over this.


Check out www.FlashRods.com if you want to order a drive from his current inventory, or have something special made for you (he takes requests).

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A couple of shots before the drive was installed:


Here are examples of other drives I have gotten from Flash Rods: