We've probably never met, but I want you to help me create something amazing. You may have seen some of my Jalopnik contributions over the years, such as the Speed Racer and Mad Max photoshoots. I'm an advertising photographer and filmmaker that loves photographing movie and TV cars in my free time. It's an obsession, really, that I turned into a long term personal series called "The Unicorn Project." When I heard the next Jalopnik Film Fest was approaching, I knew I HAD to create the ultimate automotive-inspried movie poster for it and I somehow convinced my friends at Jalopnik to let me do the official giveaway festival poster! This is where you, the car community, comes in...

I grew up obsessing over car movies. I've watched every episode of the original Knight Rider, twice, every episode of Viper, and any movie I could find with a cool car on the cover. It drove my family nuts. This is precisely why I want to create an epic movie poster for the community that we will actually be giving away.

Below are some examples of my movie car / action work so you can get a feel for what the poster can look like (more on my website):




- What would YOU want to see in a Jalopnik Film Festival poster? Any movie posters I should take inspiration from? I have lots of frequent flier miles, so I can go just about anywhere for free to shoot content for this.


- What cars or characters would you want to see in the poster? Could be a Local Motors Rally Fighter flying through an explosion, or Biff's hover BMW from Back To The Future 2 (I can get it or just about any tv movie car, even if it's a good replica), or maybe a vintage Ferrari tearing through a race course, or maybe a cool shot with a vintage muscle car with characters hanging out the window in a chase scene (I'm always happy to offer up my own baby, a 1969 Mach 1).


- I need people to help! I could use a great graphic designer to help lay things out! Happy to have some photo retoucher help as well. Any trained and certified pyrotechnics people want to help make it epic? You can connect with me here.

- Have a crazy Jalopnik-esque vehicle or location that would be fitting for the poster? Maybe you're into so fun automotive-related cosplay of some sort. Hit me up!


I will be shooting an entire behind the scenes video of the process so everyone can see how it all came together and showcase everyone that spent their time helping and sharing their talents!

I want this project to be fun and collaborative. I am open to suggestions and ideas and happy to have people come together and help, even if it's to share cool car, character, and location ideas. Thank you for letting me do this Jalopnik, and thank you in advance for those that are reading and helping with this!

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