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This image comes from a photoshoot I did for the owners of the Real Mach 5 ( You may have seen my shoot and the backstory on Jalopnik awhile back. You may also have seen my recent post about the Black Beauty I photographed.


Wallpaper download link: CLICK HERE

I'm an advertising photographer that photographs mainly people for a living, but I LOVE movie and tv cars. I've been photographing these vehicles as part of a personal photo series I call the "Unicorn Project" that I hope to make into a gallery show or book one day.


This summer, I will be travelling across the US, Canada, & Mexico shooting rare movie and tv cars to add to this photo series. I think you're going to love the next few cars I am shooting next.

Thanks for letting me share! Keep an eye on my facebook page for updates. If you have vehicles or interesting stories that you think should be a part of the Unicorn Project, please message me here!

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