As some of you may know, I'm a commercial photographer that gets some great opportunities to shoot epic movie and tv cars (and as you can see from my wallpaper on my laptop above).

Recently, I came across a cool company called Flash Rods that makes custom memory storage (hard drives and thumb drives) based from 1:18 scale models and matchbox cars, including movie and tv cars like the Ecto1, Back to The Future Delorean, and A Team Van.

I've been using these things as promotion gifts to deliver files to clients (mainly the affordable flash drives). Sometimes I will have them make a custom full size hard drive to deliver project files after an advertising shoot (aka bigger budgets) as a gift to the client. It leaves a memorable impression. The Mercury drive below was used to deliver files to Discovery Channel after we shot a print ad.


The quality is great. I'm having Dave over at Flash Rods make me a beautiful custom Mad Max Interceptor that will sit on my own desk.

If they don't have something listed on their site, message them about what you'd like and they will give you a quote about what it would take to make a particular custom drive for you.


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