Thousands Rally To Save A Talking Trash Can Named "Push"

For nearly 2 decades, "Push" the radio-controlled talking trash can has been entertaining guests, instigating marriages, making kids smile, and singing happy birthday. He's a charming little robot that has talked his way into the hearts of millions over the past 19 years as they would pass through his native habitats… » 2/13/14 2:37pm 2/13/14 2:37pm

The World's Most Expensive 1987 Cadillac Donk Limo

A couple of months ago, a buddy, Zan, had me photograph one of the most epic limos I've ever seen because he was putting it up for sale. It was a restored and very custom 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham limo. It rode on 24" 180 spoke Daytons and air suspension. Other crazy features like a Rolls Royce grille, a… » 2/13/14 12:54pm 2/13/14 12:54pm