Help A Foster Child Charity Recover Their Stolen Trailer

Together We Rise is a charity that does incredible things for orphans and foster children that I’ve been doing work with for years as a photographer and filmmaker. It’s a great group of people making a difference in the lives of thousands. Well, some scumbag stole one of their important trailers filled with supplies… »5/19/15 12:16am5/19/15 12:16am


Help Us Make An Awesome Car Movie Poster For The Jalop Film Fest

We've probably never met, but I want you to help me create something amazing. You may have seen some of my Jalopnik contributions over the years, such as the Speed Racer and Mad Max photoshoots. I'm an advertising photographer and filmmaker that loves photographing movie and TV cars in my free time. It's an obsession,… »8/05/14 1:00pm8/05/14 1:00pm

The World's Most Expensive 1987 Cadillac Donk Limo

A couple of months ago, a buddy, Zan, had me photograph one of the most epic limos I've ever seen because he was putting it up for sale. It was a restored and very custom 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham limo. It rode on 24" 180 spoke Daytons and air suspension. Other crazy features like a Rolls Royce grille, a… »2/13/14 12:54pm2/13/14 12:54pm

Robocop And Robocruiser Photoshoot By Douglas Sonders

I love the original Robocop film and my friends and I have obsessed about it for years. As a professional photographer and filmmaker, I've been extremely busy (thankfully). Although, I always make sure to clear some time in my schedule to add to my "Unicorn Project" (a personal project dedicated to capturing movie and… »2/03/14 12:06pm2/03/14 12:06pm

Possibly The Coolest Hard Drive Ever - Mad Max Pursuit Special

I'm a big movie geek in addition to being a huge gear head. For years, I have even had an ongoing photo series (I'm a professional photographer) capturing TV and movie cars called the Unicorn Project (see examples below). So it would only be fitting that I would have some sort of awesome movie car on my desk. This is… »1/30/14 1:21pm1/30/14 1:21pm

New Dale Earnhardt Jr Nascar Photoshoot by Douglas Sonders

10 years ago, I was the tour photographer for the rock band 3 Doors Down and I had the chance to attend my first NASCAR race in Charlotte, NC. I would have never imagined that nearly 10 years later I would be hired to return back to Charlotte to photograph one of my favorite NASCAR drivers, Dale Earnhardt Jr. »1/14/14 11:05am1/14/14 11:05am

Shooting A BMW Print Campaign Filled With Drifting M-Sport Cars

Sean Madden, creative director from the ad agencyBrains On Fire, reached out to me earlier this year and asked if given an arsenal of stunt drivers, the newest high performance BMW’s, and a closed race course, could I create a 58 foot long composite print for BMW. My answer? “When can I start?” »9/01/13 11:10pm9/01/13 11:10pm

Photoshoot with KITT From Knight Rider And The A Team Van

I’ve been working on a personal photo series capturing movie and television cars (real and replica)for about 5 years now under the title “The Unicorn Project”. Most recently, I had an opportunity to photograph a replica A-Team Van and KITT from Knight Rider while I was in Los Angeles. These happen to be two of my… »7/31/13 8:34pm7/31/13 8:34pm

Ron Griffith Will Build You Your Post-Apocalypse Mad Max Vehicle

I met Ron Griffith earlier this year while I was doing a personal Mad Max photo series in the Mojave desert (aka stuff for my own photography portfolio). He was nice enough to open up his garage in California City, California (Phoenix Auto) as a home base to setup my shoot. Little did I know, I had stumbled into an… »7/14/13 8:34pm7/14/13 8:34pm

Free Wallpaper Of The Real Mach 5 To Start Your Weekend Off Right

This image comes from a photoshoot I did for the owners of the Real Mach 5 ( You may have seen my shoot and the backstory on Jalopnik awhile back. You may also have seen my recent post about the Black Beauty I photographed. »5/31/13 4:23pm5/31/13 4:23pm

Your Free Green Hornet Black Beauty Wallpaper

I'm a US-based portrait and advertising photographer, but I'm a big gear head at my core. For several years now, I have been travelling the country photographing real and replica iconic movie and TV cars as part of a personal series I call The Unicorn Project. The whole series has been a mind-blowing experience for… »5/08/13 10:49am5/08/13 10:49am

The [Possible] Passing Of An American Automotive Dream & My History With Carbon Motors

I was one of the first to shoot Carbon's original advertising and marketing photography back in early 2009. Carbon had an exciting concept that provided a purpose-built vehicle that was efficient, safer, and a more advanced crime fighter than anything else being offered at the time. »4/02/13 5:10pm4/02/13 5:10pm

Your ridiculously cool Alexander Ovechkin SL 65 Black Series wallpaper is here

Alexander Ovechkin is like most wealthy Russians. He loves Mercedes automobiles and spirited driving. His two loves combine in the rare and powerful Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series he owns, wrapped in matte black and lovingly photographed by photographer/filmmaker Douglas Sonders. »2/13/13 12:26am2/13/13 12:26am